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 - Order Tweaks: Need to tweak, add, change, or cancel? Drop us an email or call by August 1.

- Cancellation Fees: Keep in mind, cancellations post 8/1/24 incur a 25% restocking fee, and it jumps to 50% after 9/1/24.

 - Additions Welcome: Feel like adding more? Totally cool, but it depends on availability.

 - Variety Challenges: High demand or harvest shortages might lead us to receive substitute varieties. If you have selected that you WOULD like Subs, we choose on your behalf based on class and/or color of bulb. Thank you for trusting us with this decision. If you DO NOT want subs, please check that box this while placing your order.

 - Substitution Alert: There is a check box while in the ordering process online noting Subs or NO SUBS. Due to the volume of orders we are going to use this to guide all orders. If you have selected NO SUBS, you will only receive the items we have in stock. If you note that subs are welcome, we will make the choice on your behalf using best judgment in matching class and colors.

 - Multiple orders: We know that the Tulip Pre-Order launches before all other Fall items. We know that you will need to place separate orders to create your Fall orders. Due to the volume in the warehouse, we will not be able to combine orders. Ship Week requests will be reviewed and they may ship at the same time, but they will be considered separate orders with separate freight charges.

 Pre-Cooled: Pre-Cooled orders can NOT be cancelled after 7/31/24. Please note that if you cancel or you do not want subs on an item, you can then re-order from our stock items in August.

The Pre- Cooled program is a service at no extra charge, we love helping out your growing success. In return we have a few requirements for this program:

            - In Mid-July we will ask you to review your order and confirm if these are truly the bulbs you want to cool.

            - August 1 is the deadline to cancel your Pre-Cool orders.

            - In Mid-September all bulbs will be placed in the cooler.

            - You will be charged for your order as well as freight. Freight is billed at 15% of total with a $20 minimum.

            - You can request the ship week for your pre-cooled bulbs. They can begin shipping in late October.

Payment & Invoicing

We accept the following credit cards:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Please provide the credit card number and expiration date when placing your order.  Your order amount along with any applicable freight and handling charges will be charged to your credit card at time of shipping. 

Shipping Methods

We will ship your order prepaid to your destination via UPS Ground, US Priority Mail, or common carrier. The actual freight charges will be added to your order at time of shipping.

Ship Dates

We will ship your order during the week you specify if the product is available at that time. We make every effort to ship on the date requested, however, we will not ship during extreme cold weather.


We reserve the right to refuse requests for cancellation of an order within one week of the scheduled shipdate. If we do allow a cancellation of an order within the one week period or if a shipment is refused after shipment, a 25% restocking fee plus the cost of any plant material unsuitable for reshipping will be incurred and charged to your account. There will be no charge for errors made on our part. All returns must have prior authorization with our customer service department or return shipments will not be accepted.

Limitations of Warranty/Liability

We warrant our product to be in sound, healthy condition at the time of shipment, but do not warrant the flowering, other planting, growing or forcing results. SHORTAGES, DAMAGE IN TRANSIT OR UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCT MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 8 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF ORDER FOR CONSIDERATION OF ANY CLAIM. We accept no responsibility for the guarantee you give your customers. In no case will Leo Berbee Bulb Company be liable for any dollar amount greater than the sum originally received for the product