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Woody Stems

Shipping January til Late April - Coming Soon for 2024

SOLD OUT for 2023 

A versatile option for retail and wholesale. Use year after year for seasonal decorative stems, or container sales, or both!

Quick and easy to root! Perfect for low level areas that stay wet to moist after a rainfall.

Each bundle contains 10 unrooted cuttings (each approximately 12" long) along with a rooting guide to ensure success.

Minimum order of 3 bundles (can chose 3 different variety bundles)

Last day to order is April 28th

  • »  Pussywillow - Discolor
  • »  Curly Willow - Green
  • »  Curly Willow - Burgundy
  • »  Curly Willow - Super Curl Red

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