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Bulbs & Blooms Blog

Glad to see you!

Gladiolas have long been considered funeral flowers or your grandmas garden blooms. This is so not the case. These tall and colorful varieties are easy to grow and can be used for many purposes. 

Calling Calla fans

Calla lilies (Zantedeschia) are most known in the white bloom with long green stem. There are so many beautiful varieties of Calla lily to choose from!

A nice Summer surprise- the Calla is a great addition to the garden and they make a must have cut flower. 

Lily Love

As the temps start to freeze in Ohio, we are dreaming of Summer blooms! Lilies are among some of our top favorites. 

Lily bulbs are among some of the first Spring bulbs to arrive to the warehouse every Winter. These will begin shipping to customers in early February. 

We sell varieties of Lilies, some for cut and some for pot growing. Below are some tips on best practice for these blooms

Dahlia Daze
Dahlia Daze

Dahlias are all the rage right now! We can understand why! 

These are a beautiful summer flower that not only can bring joy to the garden, but profit to your pocket. 

Here are some details on storage and growing Dahlias.