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Hard goods

Hydroponic- Prick Tray

  • »  Grow bulbs in a space saving tray! Up to 15 amaryllis or 60 tulip bulbs in one place. No soil required- just water.

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Soil Moisture
Light Water


• 3-5 days faster than soil culture

• much less cooler volume is required for chilling bulbs (because most of the cold period is given to densely packed, unplanted tulips in their shipping crates)

• harvesting is easier and cleaner — there is no wasted soil at the end, greatly reducing material handling problems.

Hydro stems tend to be 1-2inches shorter and 6-8 percent lighter compared to soil grown
not all bulbs are suited to this system;
very high-quality and disease-free bulbs are required, especially for later plantings (careful attention must be placed on proper bulb storage, including temperature, humidity and ventilation);
a level bench or tray support system is critical to maintain a level nutrient
the need for exceptional cleanliness. The trays and components are sometimes difficult to wash and sanitize