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Strawberries Everbearing 'Fort Laramie'

Everbearing Strawberry

The smallest of Maxi-cultured Crown-Root starts, Ft Laramie is easily planted into bedding plant paks and also works well in hanging baskets. Three weeks bench-time, works best in colder areas of USA and Canada.

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  • Category:Edibles
  • Hardiness Zone:3-9
  • Bloom Color: Red

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Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Moist, Well-Drained

Planting Strawberries Outdoors

Strawberries are best planted in a sunny location with fertile, well-drained soil. Strawberries will tolerate semi-shade, however, yield will be less than those grown in full sun. Be careful about where you plant. If standing water remains on the site after a light rain, you may encounter root-rot problems. The site you select must be well drained. Improve your soil with lots of organic matter prior to planting and growing.


For growing in the ground, plant strawberries 18" apart and in rows 30" apart. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots of the plant.                

If planting strawberry runners, spread the roots out in the hole and make sure the crown of the plant is resting at soil level. Pot grown plants should be planted so the top of the compost is level with the soil surface. Planting too deeply can cause the plants to rot, and planting with the crown too high above the soil surface can cause the plants to dry out and die. Firm in well and water thoroughly. To avoid flowering and fruiting stress on young plants, flower buds should be removed in the first year. Removal of flowers will allow the plants to direct their energy toward establishing a root system and developing a healthy, large leaf canopy to fuel next year’s crop.     



Irrigate overhead daily for first two weeks; thereafter, keep tops dry, irrigating by drip or sub-irrigation.       


Growing in Hanging Baskets and Containers       

Strawberry plants grow very well in pots, jars, and baskets. It's best to use a well-aerated organic plant mix. Incorporating water-retaining granules and appropriate slow release fertilizer is recommended prior to planting. Check daily and water if the top half-inch of soil/compost medium feels dry. 


Recommended planting:       

                5 plants in a 10" basket

                3 plants in a 6" basket

                Top dress with slow release fertilizer upon sale


                4 INCH POTS:

                2 plants per pot for faster finish time and best presentation


                GALLON CONTAINERS:

                3 plants per container


                CELL PAKS:

                806’s, 606’s, 4-paks or pony-paks



Any balanced mix high in nitrogen or through water (but not both). A 10-10-10 or 15-15-15 fertilizer is recommended.